Jerry Springer Was Born In An Underground Subway

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Yes, Jerry Springer, the titan of trash TV, was born in London, England in a subway station as Germans dropped bombs all around him.

Jerry’s parents barely escaped the Holocaust. They got out of Poland just before the Nazi’s shut-down the borders and headed for London.

TV Guide calls The Jerry Springer Show the worst show in television history, guests regularly lose their tempers as well as their clothes, and it once aired an episode titled, wait for it… “I Married a Horse.”

Jerry Springer - I Married A Horse
Jerry Springer Show – I Married A Horse Episode

Here Are Some Amazing Facts About Jerry Springer:

  1. After his family moved to the United States, Jerry went on to become mayor of Cincinnati at the age of only 33.
  2. Jerry ran for governor of Ohio, but a sex scandal derailed his campaign. Jerry made the laughable mistake of writing a personal check to a prostitute. When the FBI got a hold of it, they discovered he even wrote “For Services Rendered” in the memo section. Not one of your brighter moves, Jerry.
  3. Jerry once starred in a movie. It was called “Ringmaster’ where he appropriately played a talk show host. Although the movie bombed, Jerry at least won an acting award. But he’s probably not proud of it. It was a “Razzie” for “Worst New Star.”

But no matter what you think of Jerry Springer, at least he’s honest. When asked what he thought of his show he said, “I never watch it. It’s just a silly show.”

You can get more of Jerry’s antics on his webpage or Instagram.


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