Gas Guage Arrow Is A Genius Idea!

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Car makers are now placing a Gas Guage Arrow on the fuel gauge that indicates which side the gas tank is on. A Ford engineer named Jim Moylan wrote a memo to his supervisors suggesting the idea in 1986.


Ever heard of Jim Moylan? That’s okay, you’re not alone. But we all owe Jim a big thank you. If you drive a car, the retired Ford employee has quite possibly saved you time and hassle at the gas pump.

Thanks to Jim, we no longer have to do the dreaded hose stretch because we forgot which side the gas tank is on. And fewer of us have to turn around and back-in because we guessed wrong. You see Jim came up with the idea to place a tiny triangle on dashboards that points to which direction your gas tank is. We can’t swear it’s on every car but unless it’s a pre-late eighties model, chances are your car has it. If you never knew about this, feel free to go check your car—we can wait.

Back in 1986, Jim came up with the idea when he borrowed a company car and noticed it was low on gas. He pulled into a service station only to discover the wrong side of the car was next to the pump. To make matters worse, he was getting drenched in the pouring rain.

The first thing Jim did when he returned to the office was write his boss a memo suggesting that future Fords have the little arrow near the gas gauge. They took his idea, other car makers followed suit, and now it’s pretty much standard on every automobile.

Now admittedly this isn’t a major advancement in theoretical physics but he has made our lives just a little bit easier. For that, we would like to offer ol’ Jim some well-deserved recognition and hope others will think of him the next time they fill-‘er up.


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