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Heavy Cumulus Clouds

Clouds: How Much Do They Weigh?

It’s shocking to think that the average cumulus clouds weigh 1.1 million pounds! This means that at any given moment, there are millions of pounds of water floating above your …

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Reed Hastings Netflix

5 Amazing Facts About Netflix

Reed Hastings got the idea for Netflix after Blockbuster charged him a $40 late fee for “Apollo 13.” He’s now worth $3.1 Billion! IT’S UNDERMINING NETWORK TV AND …OUR SEX …

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Drew Carey Joins The Marines


The Price Is Right host, Drew Carey, Served in The U.S. Marine Corps before gaining popularity on The Drew Carey Show 8 AMAZING DREW CAREY FACTS! Corporal Drew Carey Betcha …

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Vampire Bat Feeding

4 Bloody Amazing Vampire Bat Facts

A typical female vampire bat can drink half her body weight in blood during a 20-minute feeding. BAT LOVERS SHOULD FIND THIS BLOODY INTERESTING (Warning: If you’re eating, you might …

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