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Vampire Bat Feeding

4 Bloody Amazing Vampire Bat Facts

A typical female vampire bat can drink half her body weight in blood during a 20-minute feeding. BAT LOVERS SHOULD FIND THIS BLOODY INTERESTING (Warning: If you’re eating, you might …

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Conan O'Brien 7 Amazing Facts

Conan O’Brien 7 Amazing Facts

Conan O’Brien, at the age of 55 is the oldest of all the late-night hosts yet he has the youngest audience. 7 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT AMERICA’S FAVORITE REDHEAD (Make that …

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America's Most Bed Bug Infested Cities

5 Most Infested Bed Bug Cities

America’s Top 5 Bed Bug Infested Cities Baltimore, MD Washington, DC Chicago, IL Los Angeles, CA Columbus, OH QUIT BUGGIN’ ME From politics to religion, we humans have no problem …

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Jack Daniels Safe

Jack Daniels Mysterious Death

JACK DANIEL KICKED IT AFTER KICKING THE SAFE! Has anyone ever said to you, “You don’t know Jack”? Well, after reading this, you can answer, “As a matter of fact, …

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