Vampire Bat Feeding

4 Bloody Amazing Vampire Bat Facts

A typical female vampire bat can drink half her body weight in blood during a 20-minute feeding. BAT LOVERS SHOULD FIND THIS BLOODY INTERESTING (Warning: If you’re eating, you might …

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Conan O'Brien 7 Amazing Facts

Conan O’Brien 7 Amazing Facts

Conan O’Brien, at the age of 55 is the oldest of all the late-night hosts yet he has the youngest audience. 7 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT AMERICA’S FAVORITE REDHEAD (Make that …

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America's Most Bed Bug Infested Cities

5 Most Infested Bed Bug Cities

America’s Top 5 Bed Bug Infested Cities Baltimore, MD Washington, DC Chicago, IL Los Angeles, CA Columbus, OH QUIT BUGGIN’ ME From politics to religion, we humans have no problem …

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