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Reed Hastings Netflix

5 Amazing Facts About Netflix

Reed Hastings got the idea for Netflix after Blockbuster charged him a $40 late fee for “Apollo 13.” He’s now worth $3.1 Billion! IT’S UNDERMINING NETWORK TV AND …OUR SEX …

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Drew Carey Joins The Marines


The Price Is Right host, Drew Carey, Served in The U.S. Marine Corps before gaining popularity on The Drew Carey Show 8 AMAZING DREW CAREY FACTS! Corporal Drew Carey Betcha …

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Conan O'Brien 7 Amazing Facts

Conan O’Brien 7 Amazing Facts

Conan O’Brien, at the age of 55 is the oldest of all the late-night hosts yet he has the youngest audience. 7 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT AMERICA’S FAVORITE REDHEAD (Make that …

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