In-N-Out managers make a whopping $164,000

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Ask a group of people about the advantages of living in the western U.S. and chances are good you’ll hear the words, “In-N-Out Burger.” The legendary hamburger chain is only in five states but it has a reputation for having first class fast food is legendary throughout the world. The late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain called their burger “A perfectly designed protein delivery system”, Taylor Swift and Adele swear by the place, and Paris Hilton claims she once got a D-U-I because she “really needed to go get an In-N-Out burger.”

The company’s success can be attributed to everything from their fixation on freshness to the fact that they refuse to franchise so quality won’t be compromised. Fans also devour their “secret” menu where you can find such “delicacies” as “Animal Style” (where the mustard is fried onto each patty, the onions are grilled and there’s extra spread), and the “Flying Dutchman” (two slices of cheese melted between two burger patties). Mmmm.

Here are other secrets many are not aware of:

  1. No matter how you slice it, In-N-Out may have the happiest employees in the burger biz: That’s because the average manager makes a whopping $164,000 annually plus benefits. The guy or gal taking your order isn’t doing too bad either. New employees start at about $16.50 an hour, well above minimum wage. Of course, you must be prepared to work your buns off.
  2. Take that McDonald’s!: In-N-Out’s first location opened in 1948 and is credited as being the first ever drive-through restaurant.
  3. Your meal comes with a message: If you look closely, you’ll see discreet references to Bible verses on cups and wrappers.
  4. The company’s big cheese is America’s youngest female billionaire:
Lynsi Snyder - In-N-Out Billionaire
Lynsi Snyder – In-N-Out Billionaire

Lynsi Snyder inherited the burger dynasty following the untimely deaths of her father and uncle. Born in 1982, she’s an avid drag racer and yes, she dines at the family restaurant. In fact, we have it on good authority that her favorite item off the secret menu is double meat, extra spread, pickle, and chopped chilis.

Now the only question is—do you want fries with that?


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