Conan O’Brien 7 Amazing Facts

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Conan O’Brien, at the age of 55 is the oldest of all the late-night hosts yet he has the youngest audience.


(Make that “living” redhead since no one can top Lucy)

Of course, we’re talking about late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien. You may think you know just about everything about a guy who’s been visiting our living rooms for more than a quarter-of-a-century. But there should be a few nuggets here that even the most ardent “Coco” fans didn’t know:

  1. That’s not Conan’s real nose. Back in high school Conan O’Brien was attacked by a street gang and beaten to a pulp. In the Emergency Room, he asked
    the doctor if his nose was broken and was told, “Broken? Good God, man, it’s a bag of bones!”
  2. He’s a thief. Back when Conan O’Brien was a student at Harvard, the actor who played Robin on the Batman TV series spoke on campus. He even brought along his famous Robin tights. Conan and some fellow pranksters dressed up as security guards and stole the outfit. Fortunately, Robin didn’t need to chase him down in the Batmobile since, after a few hours, the costume was returned.
  3. He almost quit show business. In 1991, Conan was working as a writer on Saturday Night Live when he suddenly quit because he was burned-out. To make matters worse, he had recently broken up with his fiancee. He was wandering the streets of New York City trying to figure out what to do with his life when, much to his surprise, he received a job offer from an old friend to write for The Simpsons. It turned out to be a perfect fit and was his favorite job until he stepped in front of the cameras two years later.
  4. He’s a minister. Conan O’Brien specifically became ordained so he could perform a same-sex marriage on his show between a member of his staff and their partner.
  5. He had a stalker. In 2006, Conan was stalked by David Ajemian who, of all things, was a Roman Catholic priest. It seems the priest was upset about being denied entry to a show taping, so he sent Conan a series of threatening letters and tried to force his way into the audience. He was quickly arrested.
  6. He took one for the team. In 2009, Conan O’Brien suffered a concussion on air during a skit with actress Teri Hatcher. They were running when he slipped on stage and hit his head on the floor. Ever the trooper, he slurred his way through the dialogue going to commercial before being taken to the hospital.
  7. Young at heart. It turns out that America’s oldest late-night talk funnyman has the youngest audience. Conan, who was born in 1963, attracts more youthful viewers than young “whippersnappers” such as Jimmy Fallen (born in 1974), Jimmy Kimmel (born in 1967) and Stephan Colbert (born in 1964). Opinions vary why this is true but one thing is for sure – Conan’s not complaining. Advertisers love to capture the attention of young viewers and are willing to pay big bucks to get it.

Through it all, Conan has lived up to one of his favorite quotes, “Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.” Check out Conan’s webpage for more information on his show.


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