Michael Myers’ Halloween Mask Secrets Revealed?

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The Michael Myers mask in the Halloween films is actually a heavily modified Captain Kirk Halloween mask. William Shatner confirmed the story at Dragon-Con in 2011.


The 1978 slasher movie, Halloween, was produced on such a shoe-string budget—it’s scary. Some of the actors only made 25 bucks a day, the cast provided most of their own wardrobe, and the props were often crafted from items on hand.

But despite the lack of funds, the producers were able to afford to have Captain Kirk from Star Trek in their flick. Well, sort of. If you look closely at the movie’s serial killer, you might recognize the face of actor William Shatner who, as you probably know, played Captain Kirk.

It turns out the mask worn by the mass murdering Michael Myers character was originally a Captain Kirk death mask. The movie makers didn’t have enough in their tight budget to create a special mask so they visited a magic shop on Hollywood Boulevard and bought the Captain Kirk mask for a few bucks. They spray painted it white, altered the eye holes and voila— the iconic look of Michael Myers was born.

Shatner not only didn’t mind, but he also had fun with it. In fact, one Halloween he wore the mask from the movie while trick or treating with his kids.


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