Are Black Cars More Likely To Be In An Accident?

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Black cars are definitely more likely to be involved in an accident, according to research conducted by the Monash University Accident Research Center. In fact, black cars have a 12% higher accident rate during daylight driving hours, while at dawn and dusk, the figure rose significantly to 47%.

Grey and silver cars were the next most accident prone, followed by red and blue, the study says.

5 Most Dangerous Car Colors

Black Cars 12% Higher Crash Risk
Grey Cars 11% Higher Crash Risk
Silver Cars 10% Higher Crash Risk
Blue Cars 7% Higher Crash Risk
Red Cars 7% Higher Crash Risk

 Black Car In An Accident
Black Cars Have a Higher Risk of Being in an Accident

What Is The Safest Car Color?

The study confirmed the popular belief that white is the safest car color choice when it comes to being visible and safe on the road.

The research included conditions such as light at the time of the crash, vehicle type, and crash severity, using police data of over 850,000 accidents covering a 20-year period.

It found that some car colors are more visible on the road than others, which explains why, especially at night and on dark road surfaces, black cars are less visible and can, therefore, be more prone to accidents.

How To Make Your Black Car Safer

Lead researcher, Senior Research Fellow at MUARC, Dr. Stuart Newstead, said: “It may be possible that simple solutions such as the use of daytime running lights or headlights could effectively negate the elevated risks of higher risk vehicle colors.”

Are Black Cars More Expensive To Insure

Car insurance companies collect massive amounts of data on cars and drivers so that they can assess the likelihood of a claim. However, insurers do not take car color into account when setting premiums because they find that the statistics are too unreliable. So, your black car might affect your accident rate, but it shouldn’t affect your car insurance premium.


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